Blog Entry #10

ClamWin AV - Is it worth it?

Users of Windows XP are running out of antivirus options as each day passes it seems. How can users protect themselves online? Well, using antivirus is one way, and is probably the only option at this point. So, the question is, what can be done? Well a program called CalmWin Free Antivirus is available for users running Windows 98 and up. So the question is, should you use it? I've personally used this program before and I have to say, for what it is, it's not bad. It's a malware scanner, so no real time protection. IF you want that, you'll have to use calm sentinel is addition to this antivirus. People like it a lot, but let's see the truth. 

So firstly, ClamWin is a free program. It is light on resources and completes scans with relative ease in a decent amount of time. The user interface is not cluttered and you have access to all the features you need. I like the UI. It's intuitive and easy on the eye. However, not everything is perfect. 

So, the bad stuff. The detection rates are horrible. It's very bad, by a lot. I don't know why people still use it, but it really does suck. Independent testing has shown that it does not perform well when compared to Windows Defender or standard antivirus. even other free programs. CalmWin is better than nothing, and that's saying a lot. For Windows ME/2000 and below, it's your only option. Windows XP users can still use Avast Antivirus, which is great. Windows 7/8.1 users are in the same boat as Windows XP users. However, let me be clear, CalmWin is not good. Use common sense when running on the web with this AV, regardless what system you are on. Don't click on email links, site banners, or go to websites that you've never been to or are not using https. Basic Http is outdated now, so make sure it's secure. 

The bottom line? ClamWin AV is okay if it's your only option. Definitely pair it with Clam Sentinel which gives it real time protection. Also make sure you regularly update the program if you are going to use it and always install the latest versions when they are released. If you can use anything else, do it.