Blog Entry #3

Mac OS vs Linux


In a head to head match between the two, who wins in terms of performance, stability, security, ease of use and compatibility? Let's find out!


In terms of performance, Mac OS has always been superior over the competition in this area. Linux has good performance but Apple's OS has the upperhand. Games made for Mac do a tremendous job and with more and more developers making games for the Mac platform, there are just as many Windows games as their are Mac games. The same cannot be said for Linux. Also, when Linux is given the task of running Windows software, unless in very certain circumstances, this is usually a 50/50 shot. Even with Steam's Proton, some games just don't perform was well on Linux than on Windows. However, on a Mac, there are very few performance issues.


If stable is what you are looking for, than look no further than Linux. Linux provides a rock solid performance setting and it also provides and amazing driver support. Most hardware just works. No installing drivers or downloading programs. Because of this. there is less chance for things to go wrong and so, the system is stable and rock solid. Linux rarely crashes and when it does, it sends a report to the developers who read what happened and make bug fixes as needed. Apple's Mac OS also is very solid. I have used Mac OS for a few years now and I would never give it up. Mac OS is excellent and stable. Not one crash ever in my time using it and I didn't have to restart due to a problem once. Both are equally great in this area.


Linux does not need antivirus to go on the web. Developing viruses for Linux is dificult, mainly due to all the different archituectures and a Linux distro like Fedora, has a lot of built in security you would need to defeat. Linux developers make the OS so difficult to hack that it's not worth it. So they write viruses for Windows and Mac. Now there are some viruses that exist for Linux, but they are very rare. I've never come across one in all my years working with Linux. Mac OS on the other hand, is not so secure. It's miles ahead in security when compared to the gaping hole that is Windows, but Mac also suffers from virus attack and also requires the use of an antivirus. While the security on a Mac is very difficult to defeat, it's not impossible and therefore Linux wins this round.


For a first time computer user, either is going to be equally as hard or as easy. But for those coming from Windows, Mac OS will take some getting used to. Icon placements, menu control and other such things. Plus, learning where everything goes, how everything works, it will take time. But within 2 weeks, you'll love the Mac OS environment. As for Linux, depending on which distro you pick, it could be easy to learn, or hard. For instance, LXLE, Linux Mint, Zorin and Peppermint are examples of distro's that would be easy for Windows users to pick up. For Mac OS users, Solus, Elementary and Manjaro would be easier for you. However, coming from Windows or Linux, Mac OS would be very easy. Apple wins this point.


Everybody wants a computer that is compatible. However, more and more developers make systems that want us to leave our old hardware and programs in the past. The truth is, compatibility is very important to the user. That's where Linux has a clear win over Mac OS. Most, if not almost all, hardware works in Linux. No drivers or programs to get it working. Just plug and play. Now, there are some issues with Mac. Apple has a lot of proprietary hardware and software and unless it's certified to work with Mac, it probably wont. That's not a problem though because you can find Apple versions of most things you are trying to do. Programs, games and hardware. But they all have to be Apple certified. Plus, Linux can run some Windows programs with wine. This makes Apple less compatible that Linux. Point goes to Linux.


So who wins? If you look at the data, it's clear that it's a tie. Both are equally good and bad for their own reasons. They have their own followings and communitites. You can find answers to questions quickly for both environments and they both give you what you are looking for. A great, stable system that makes using your computer a joy. I couldn't and wouldn't pick one over the other. I use both in my life and I can't do much without either.

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