Blog Entry #6

Using an iPad as a daily driver


So you need a new computer but aren't sure which one you should get. In my opinion, today you only need 2 computers. An iMac and an iPad. Can you run an iPad as a daily driver PC? Yes. You absolutely can and it's better than you think. Apple makes it very easy to go between Mac OS and iOS and Apple has awesome support and a huge community. Anything you run into, chances are, someone has a fix. The iPad is no exception. iPads are great at doing everything we need them to. The go on the internet, check and write emails, go on YouTube, edit videos and pictures, listen to music, take pictures and so much more. Why even get a laptop today?

With the compatibility of Mac OS and iOS, while a lot of things work, some won't and that's okay. First off, iPads have no optical drive support so even if you found a way to connect an optical drive to the tablet, you can't use it anyway. Plus, iPad is limited in the things it's compatible with from Mac OS. (Mac OS is more forgiving) Also, you'll need an iMac or MacBook, for the use of iTunes and the things we just talked about. But for the everyday user, who just wants to sit and relax, for less than $500, (Depending on which iPad you choose) you get a decent little computer that goes where you go. Best of all, iPad is one of Apple's signature products. That means the quality is there. With an Airprint compatible printer, you can even print! 

For the basic user, an iPad is more than feasible an can give you a pleasant experience from start to finish and costs 1/3 the price and weighs less than half. If you're in the market for a new PC, why not give an iPad a try?