Virus Removal (Windows)

Virus Removal Help

Does your PC have a virus, or do you think you do? Here are a couple of things you are going to need to do, in order for you to get your PC back to normal. 

First, lets get everything we need. If your PC can still connect to the internet, and let you download and install the programs, go ahead and download them. Otherwise you will need another PC to download them and you'll need to burn the programs to a blank CD. But for now, lets go with the premise that your PC can connect and download/install:


1. Go to and search for Avast antivirus. Download and install it. 

2. then search for CCleaner. Download and install that. 

3. Finally, google malwarebytes free download and click the first link. Download and install that. 

4. Now, lets, fix this PC. Run Avast and have it update the database and program, if needed. Then, click on protection and then click virus scans. Before you do anything, click the gear icon in the top right corner and adjust the following settings: 

Under the Full scan tab, keep the sensitivity at medium. Make sure check for potentially unwanted programs, test whole files is selected. Scan priority should be left at high, scan areas should be all hard disks, then make sure all removable media, rootkits, UEFI BIOS and modules loaded in memory are selected. Then make sure scan all types of archives are selected. Then under file types, click scan all files. 

Now, under the Boot time scan tab, Sensitivity should be medium, make sure scan for potentially unwanted programs and unpack archive files are selected, make sure auto start programs is checked. 

5. Run a full system scan. This will take a while. When it's done, you can delete the infections found, if any. 

6. Run a boot time scan. When you click this, it will ask you to install specialized definitions. Install them and then, restart the computer. Avast will then run the boot time scan, which looks like DOS, and check for further infections. It will take care of them, if found. 

7. When you get back to the desktop, you'll want to run Malwarebytes. This program checks for malware that is sneaky and not easily found.  

To adjust Malwarebytes properly, click on scan, then click custom scan, then click configure, then make sure all check boxes are selected on the left side, choose the C drive on the right side, then click scan now. Malwarebytes takes a long time, so find something to do. 

8. Once Malwarebytes finishes, click select all and then delete all threats. 

9. Open CCleaner and click options, then click smart cleaning, then uncheck all boxes in this area. 

10. Click on custom clean. If you use edge or internet explorer, or both, uncheck all box under it's name. Leave Windows explorer at default, and under leave everything alone, except click DNS Cache, then under advanced, click Old prefetch data. Then click the applications tab. Here you will find third party browsers like chrome and mozilla. If you use them, uncheck all boxes. You can select all other boxes in all other sub categories in this field. 

11.  Then click Run Cleaner. Let CCleaner do it's job. 

12. When cleaning is complete, click on registry. Leave it at default. click scan for issues. When done, click fix selected issues. All issues will automatically be selected. It will then ask if you want to back up the registry, click no. Then click fix all issues and close the program. 

13. That's it. If you still have a virus problem, you'll need to reinstall windows. (Covered in a separate guide)

If your PC is not connecting to the internet nor will allow you to install software, on another PC, download the above programs as well as CDBurnerXP, and use it to burn the programs to a CDR. Then, reboot the infected PC and while it is turning on, keep pressing F8 until it gives you options, boot to safe mode, insert the CD and follow the above steps.  

 Please note: No person or company paid me to say anything about any of the topics above. These are my opinions and what I have observed using the program personally. Your experience may vary. I am not responsible for any data loss that may occur. Use my guides at your own risk.