Blog Entry #13

Peppermint OS - The best lightweight Linux Distro

If you have a 10 year old computer, or even older, Windows is not going to work for you anymore. Using an older version of Windows is an option if you don't want to use the internet. Connecting an older verison to the internet is a dangerous game that can leave you open to ransomware and hacking. So what can you use instead? The answer is Peppermint OS. 

Peppermint OS is a minimalist Linux Distro built on the rock solid Debian platform. You can also use the Devuan version which is just Debian without systemd. Peppermint OS is very lightweight. Needing only 1GB of RAM, however i've gotten it working on 512 MB of RAM. It can work with newer graphics cards, but is comfortable with integrated graphics or cards that are not powerful in today's market. Peppermint OS is not just for the old PC's. Peppermint works on new hardware as well, which will give the system a major boost in performance. And because Peppermint is Debian based, games will work great via Steam and Lutris. 

Peppermint OS also has other things going for it. Firstly, it uses Xfce which is a very lightweight desktop manager, it works on the tried and true ext4 filesystem, and it uses a slightly older Linux Kernal which allows you to keep using older hardware, while drivers are added to newer kernals. The kernal in Peppermint OS is updated periodically, but only after the Debian team have verified it is stable. Peppermint also looks fantastic. It holds a lot of value and can do whatever you need. 

In conclusion, Peppermint OS makes life better, your PC faster, more secure and more stable than ever before. Peppermint used to be built on Ubuntu, but moving it over to Debian is a better choice. It's a great OS and can do just about anything. Video editing, sound editing, word processing, video conferencing, gaming and browsing the internet. All of it is done easily and securely, even on older hardware, thanks to Peppermint OS. 

If you would like to try it for yourself, click here