Blog Entry #7

Apple's Mac OS as a Windows Replacement


Apple has been in the computer business for a very long time. They make one of the best computers on the market. They are rock solid and I've never had a problem with them. I bought my first Mac in 2016 and I thought it was going to be the hardest thing to use. It was just as easy as Windows to use and most software out there has a Mac version. Plus, Mac is well protected from viruses. Apple has a rap for being hard to use and only for tech savy people. That is just not true. Yes, Apple products are expensive but look at what you get for the money. You get an Operating System that is rock solid, that doesn't kill your computer every update, and is very secure. Not one time have I had to fix my Macbook since I bought it and yet, in that time, my Windows PC had numerous problems. 

The question remains, can you use Mac to replace your Windows PC? Yes. Like Linux, Mac is a very secure and rock solid. I have nothing but good things to say about Apple products. Apple has a long history of reinventing the electronics industry. Every Apple product I've owned has never let me down. I have used almost every alternative there is to Apple products such as Android, Windows, etc. and the truth is, I always come back to Apple. Although, I don't hate Android, I just prefer iOS over Android. My point is, if you are looking for an alternative to Windows and don't want to take the Linux step, try Apple. 

And just to drive the point home that Apple is just as easy to use, I write content for this website using Apple sometimes. Primarily, I use Linux, but sometimes, I use my Macbook to write some of the content.