Blog Entry #8

Fedora is a great system


So, you all know my love for Linux Mint. It is the best Linux system in my opinion. It is super compatible and super user friendly. Plus, Linux Mint is so good looking. There is no question why I have been using it for many years. For many years, Fedora was hard to use and was a bit unstable. I remember using Fedora 13 and it was not a good experience. 

Now, I have been using Fedora for a while now. It is so easy to use and so much better. I love the way the package manager handles installs and updates. For example, in Linux Mint, to run an update you would type sudo apt-get update and then when that finsihed, you would run sudo apt-get upgrade. The command sudo apt-get update will update the repository and collect all the new versions of the programs installed and the kernel for the update. sudo apt-get upgrade on the other hand, is for the actual upgrade of the individual programs and kernel. But you can't use one without the other. Fedora on the other hand, uses dnf. It is so darn easy. sudo dnf update does what both the other commands do. So much better than having to do two codes. 

Now, that's not the only reason why Fedora is better. I have it installed on my laptop and I have not needed to reboot the system, or fix a broken package yet. Fedora is just so stable, for a bleeding edge system. That's why I like it better than Manjaro (Arch based Linux) Manjaro is easy to use but unstable. Plus, Fedora and Mint have a better community. 

If you are looking to get into linux, Linux Mint or Fedora would be a great choice. While I used to say that Linux Mint is usually easier to learn and use, I'd say they are about equal now.