Memory Replacement

Memory Replacements and Upgrades

To upgrade or replace faulty memory, first you must find out what memory you are currently using. This can be done a number of ways. 

The first way is to look in your motherboard's user guide, which can be found on their website usually. The manual will tell you what memory to use. The second way, is to use the task manager in Windows 10 (If you use Windows) to tell you. Finally, you can go to and input your PC's make and model. They should tell you what you need and how much. 


1. Unplug your PC

2. Open the case

3. Locate the old RAM

4. Remove old RAM, making sure to depress the clips on the side of the memory holster

5. Insert new RAM, pressing hard until it clicks into place

6. Close PC case

7. Plug in computer

8. Turn on computer and verify the OS is seeing the new RAM

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